Town of Cary
North Carolina

Annexation Resolution

17-A-10 Life International f/k/a Life Community Church of Research Triangle Park, NC, Inc. Annexation


Department:Planning and Development ServicesSponsors:

Speaker: Desmond Corley, Planning

Executive Summary: The owners of property located at 11427 Green Level Church Road (1,600 feet SW of Green Level Church Road and Kit Creek Road intersection) have petitioned for annexation of a portion of the property.  Pursuant to statute, the Town Council held a public hearing on this request and the matter is now ready for final action.


Associated Case(s): None

Recommendation: That Council consider action on the requested annexation.


The documents that Council will review at this meeting are attached




Owners of property located outside of the corporate limits of the Town that desire to develop using Town utilities or that otherwise desire to be located in the corporate limits must first petition to be annexed, pursuant to the requirements of either NCGS Chapter 160A, Article 4, Part 1, when their property is contiguous to the corporate limits, or to NCGS Chapter 160A, Article 4, Part 4, when their property is not contiguous to the corporate limits.


Once property is annexed, the property and its citizens become subject to all the laws, ordinances, and regulations of the Town and are entitled to receive the services the Town provides (fire and police protection; solid waste; utilities; etc).  If the annexed property is located in an area served by a rural fire department, the Town may also be required to assume a proportionate share of any debt related to equipment or facilities of the rural fire department.  If the property is located outside of the Town’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, the property owner must also submit a rezoning application in order to establish initial Town zoning designation upon annexation.       




The owners of the following property filed an annexation petition with the Town on 11/7/2017.






Property Owner(s)

Address List




Wake County Parcel



Wake County

Real Estate ID




Life International f/k/a Life Community Church of Research Triangle Park, NC, Inc.

PO Box 12017

RTP, NC 27709-2017

11427 Green Level Church Road

0726963638 (portion)

0250829 (portion)



Total Acres






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This annexation is associated with the development of an access road that will serve the Alston Ridge Middle School, which is currently under construction.  The development plan for the school was previously approved by the Town Council.  The access road extends east from the school property (immediately west of the proposed annexation area) to Green Level Church Road.  Portions of the proposed access road are already within Cary’s corporate boundaries, and this annexation will result in the entire road being within the Town Limits.


As required by statute, the Town Clerk has certified that the Petition is valid and, on 1/25/2018, the Town Council adopted a Resolution calling for the public hearing.  A public hearing on the annexation request was held on 2/22/2018.


The following information may inform Council’s decisions on this matter.

Current Zoning: Residential 40 (R-40)  

Acreage:   1.347 plus .0 adjacent right of way = 1.347 total acres

Contiguous to Primary Corporate Limits:  Yes; 50% (excluding satellite town limits)
Existing Use:   Vacant

Proposed Use:   Public Road



Water:    Adjacent to site             
Sewer:   Adjacent to site             

Fire District:  Morrisville Fire District                           
Voting District  A
Tax Value:  $1,551,825 (entire property)             


The ordinance that Council will consider for adoption at this meeting is attached.