Town of Cary
North Carolina

Staff Report

Ratification of Resolution for Bitting Electric Office Modification Request


Department:Town Attorney's OfficeSponsors:


  1. 2019.003.14_Resolution_19-DP-0123_4.2a

Speaker:  Chris Simpson, Town Attorney’s Office


Executive Summary: On February 7, 2019, Council reviewed a request to reduce the width of the highway corridor buffer along I-40 to facilitate development of a new 32,000square-foot office and warehouse facility in Gateway Center near RDU airport. Council granted the applicant’s modification request.  All the attorneys involved in the hearing have consented to the form of the attached Resolution.  Council should review the Resolution to ensure it adequately represents Council’s decision in the matter.  Any questions about the content of the Resolution should be directed to John Silverstein, who was the attorney representing the Council in this matter.


Recommendation: That Council adopt the attached resolution.


Fiscal Impact: N/A